Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PC Spotlight #81: Box Out

Title: Box Out
Developer: DaPickyMonkey
Platforms: PC
Price: $6.99
To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started playing Box Out, besides the fact that it was a precision platformer. But after my time with the game, I can say that I was quite surprised and impressed by Box Out's challenge and its twist on the switching mechanic.
I think the best description of Box Out would be a more methodical Super Meat Boy mixed with the color switching mechanic of Outland, Ikaruga, Polara, but even more complex. While those games only had you switching between two colors, in Box Out, you'll be dealing with two, three, four forms at at time, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Stone can stick to surfaces but can barely move. Metal can smash through obstacles and activate certain switches but sinks in water. Fire lets you pass through flaming projectiles but water puts you out. You'll be dealing with any combination of those forms, as well as Rocket, Cloud, and more. It's this aspect that turns what was already a fun platformer into a satisfyingly solid mix of precision platforming and fast paced puzzling, as you alternate states mid jump, whiile wall jumping between spikes, and evading hazards. The charming graphics and hefty amount of content (120 levels and hard-to-reach collectibles throughout each one) round out the experience.
Box Out might not be the next SMB or Teslagrad, but it's certainly a fun solid game that offers plenty of challenge that any of fan of tough platformers would enjoy. You can purchase Box Out on Desura.

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