Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Money, No Problem: HOMEunculus

Title: HOMEunculus
Developers: University of Utah/EAE Team
Platforms: PC
Made for the Global Game Jam 2014, HOMEunculus is only a short prototype, hopefully for some future full-length game. While HOMEunculus is short, it's also one of the eeriest and most interesting takes on the first person puzzle genre I've seen in a while
Mannequins are creepy. The dead eyes, the human visages frozen in expression, and games and movies have shown that they love to move when you're not looking. HOMEunculus drops you into a dark deary house, its halls filled with dozens, hundreds of staring, frozen wooden mannequins. It's just unsettling and weird in that "This is wrong" sense. What makes HOMEunculus even more intriguing is its core mechanic: press a key to bring up a pincushion doll, use the mouse to manipulate its limbs, and all the mannequins move in turn, mirroring what you do to the doll. Raise arms to unblock paths, bend them over to create a staircase of bodies. It's unique and never ceases to be creepy and unnerving.

You can download HOMEunculus here.

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