Thursday, February 6, 2014

PC Spotlight #75: Rage Runner

Title: Rage Runner
Developer: Hypercane Studios
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya
Price: $4.99
Speed is thrilling. Games like Super Hexagon, Super Meat Boy, and others have demonstrated the white-knuckle thrill of reaction under pressure, where you only have moments to react and respond. Rage Runner may not be the most polished or complex game, but it certainly gets one thing right: an intense sense of speed
Guiding your ship through the gauntlet of hazards in each level is no easy task. From simple walls and columns to more dangerous obstacles like spiked crushers, every moment of Rage Runner is one of reaction, as you thread your way to safety, orient your ship to pass through the tightest gaps, and blast through walls as they rush towards you at high speed. Fans of Goscurry and Race The Sun will right at home with Rage Runner's close calls and difficulty, and the visuals of racing through the tight corridors with mere inches to spare and only seconds to react is just satisfying. Power-ups such as shields and missiles add some variety to the fast paced evasion/
Rage Runner isn't very deep and won't offer complex mechanics, but if you're looking for a high speed reflex-testing experience, Rage Runner is worth a try. You can purchase the game on Desura and the Ouya store.

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