Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SitRep: Broforce

Title: Broforce
Developer: Free Lives
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
I first covered Broforce back in August; it had actually been my first impulse buy and since then, it's become my most played game besides Overgrowth. The hectic over-the-top ode to beloved action movie heroes has made huge progress since then, now being published by Devolver Digital and set to release on Steam Early Access next month

But the gameplay, the wild premise, and awesome heroes is what defines Broforce and those regards, the game has expanded greatly. Popular heroes such as Neo, Boondock Brothers, Machete, and Conan have joined the roster. New environments and effects have added variety and diversity, from the rain-drenched city, vents to sneak through, elevators to crash, pipelines to explode, sand to collapse, dynamic weather, and more. Multiplayer has improved, with new modes like Explosion run and now the official addition of online gameplay in the latest update. And at its core, the fast challenging gameplay remains as fun as ever, as you raze environments to the ground, reduce enemies to blood stains, and plan the best approach to kill everything.

You can purchase Broforce from the developer's site or Humble, and play the early "Brototype" here.

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