Saturday, February 8, 2014

PC Spotlight #77: Deadlock

Title: Deadlock
Developer: 5-Bits Games
Platforms: PC
Price: $6.02 (33% off)
First person platforming, the bane of gaming for many players. Many games do it poorly, some do it well, and then rare games like Mirror's Edge excel. Deadlock is one of the few that gets first person platforming right, within a stylish sci-fi framework.

Well I've seen some comments comparing Deadlock to Portal 2, probably because of the perspective and a special gun, Deadlock is far from Valve's puzzle-focused game. It's a fast-paced precision platformer, challenging you to double jump and dash through a gauntlet of high tech hazards. Your gun acts as a mobile on-off switch, allowing you to activate or deactivate jump pads, turrets, fans, gates, and doorways as you race through each level, sometimes aiming while flying through the air. While the game is only five levels, they're long, with the first taking me almost 45 minutes to complete, and the rest only growing more complex and challenging. Besides the story levels, you can also speed-run through Sparks, short sections of levels turned into speed courses, so there's no shortage of platforming fun. Perhaps, what's most impressive about Deadlock, besides its sleek sci-fi aesthetic, is just how satisfying its core gameplay is. The platforming feels extremely solid, you're very maneuverable and agile, and the areas are just begging to be mastered, with shortcuts and ways to shave off seconds weaved into the level designs. 
Deadlock is a challenging first-person precision platformer, that satisfies with its great level design, finely tuned controls, and cool visuals. You can purchase the game on Desura.

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