Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Watchlist: Nothing To Hide

Title: Nothing To Hide
Developer: nCase
Platforms: PC, Browser
Releasing late 2014
As a fan of the genre, I've played many stealth games, from Thief and Chaos Theory to Blood Money and Dishonored. But I've certainly never played an anti-stealth game. Nothing To Hide wraps its unique gameplay mechanic in a thought-provoking framework of dystopian control and total surveillance that deserves your time and support.
What is anti-stealth? It's always being seen, needing to stay in line of sight of the cameras that watch your every move. It's assisting your own surveillance by carrying these camera around, making sure you're always in sight. Slip into the shadows and you'll seen be shot full of tranquilizer darts by your unseen masters. Playing as the daughter of Prime Minister of this society, you're attempting to flee and this creates the framework of the intriguing puzzle game that is Nothing To Hide. The charming visuals belay a unsettling atmosphere, reinforced by your character's wide scared eyes and the messages that appear to you in the environments.
Nothing To Hide is currently seeking funding, hoping to gather $40,000 by March 12th. The developer's open piecemeal approach to crowdfunding, as well as sharing the source code, is another element that makes this project one worth checking out. You can play the browser demo here; while the demo already feels very polished and playable, the developer has said the mechanics in the preview only account for a tenth of the ideas he has planned, some of which include mobile cameras, camera-attracting mannequins, line of sight reflecting mirrors, and more.
Nothing To Hide is a polished promising experience that impresses with its unique anti-stealth gameplay, visuals, and atmosphere. You can learn more about the game and support its development on the official site.

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