Monday, February 10, 2014

IOS Spotlight #49: Toast Time

Title: Toast Time
Developer: Force of Habit
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $2.99
Put simply, Toast Time is a game about TERRY (toast-ejecting recoil & reload system) and his fight against inter-dimensional enemies out to steal time. Yeah, it's that kind of game, but behind Toast Time's zany premise lies a worthy successor to Super Crate Box's hectic arcade action.
Toast Time takes the basic foundation that Super Crate Box  popularized (random weapon pick-ups, fighting enemies in an small arena, collecting crates to unlock new weapons) and evolves the formula. The game has a simple one-touch controls scheme that's perfectly suited for mobile; you tap to shoot towards that spot and propel yourself in the opposite direction, and shoot the ground to launch upward. However simple intuitive controls don't mean the gameplay itself is simple and easy. As levels become more complex, with walls, platforms, and special items like jump pads, and enemies come in from all angles, you find that Toast Time is all about timing your shots (to build combos for high scores), controlling your movement (to get the best angles to converse your limited ammo), and adapting to whatever weapon you pick up. The weapons are diverse and satisfying to use, from dual shot toasties and slicing baguettes to rapid-fire breadcrumbs.You can also customize TERRY with items such as headbands and Bo staff, as you fight across the numerous levels and single-life Iron Man survival mode.
Toast Time will definitely appeal to fans of games like Super Crate Box and Spell Sword, and offers an experience that feels unique and challenging, with levels that change as you play, simple controls that work well and take time and skill to master, inventive weapons, and is just fast-paced and frantic. The game provides an addictive feeling of being half out of control as you bounce around the screen, half in control as you position yourself and time combo shots.

You can purchase Toast Time for $2.99.

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