Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick Fix: Rawbots heading to Steam Early Access in February

After a failed Kickstarter in May, the robot construction/combat sandbox simulator Rawbots was Greenlit last August and since then both its forums and Greenlight page have been worryingly silent. I've had my eye on the game for months, but the lack of updates or any news seemed indicative that the game had been abandoned. But thankfully that's not the case. Rawbots is very much alive and will soon be whirring back to life on Steam.
Searching for an answer, I was directed to these two quotes from the developer.
From a forum post on the backer-only forums:
And if you're asking about Steam keys, we are signed to Steam to upload an Early-Access game in February 2014. So all of you guys who purchased the game from our website will have it pretty soon.
And from a Reddit post asking a similar question:
The failed kickstarter was a big setback. We lost support from some investors and a window of opportunity to get on consoles. We did successfully change the physics engine and the current build is very solid. We are greenlit and will be releasing the first multiplayer build on Steam in the following weeks. We still believe Rawbots is the most technically advanced virtual robot crafting game ever made. The current programming and robot crafting was a bit too hardcore for the masses and publishers wanted to change too much. We need a better first-time-user-experience and increase sharing and battling of robots in realtime. So yes, it was a tough year, no we are not dead. We will make a comeback stronger than ever. 
So Rawbots isn't dead and you can look forward to robot action very soon. You can learn more about the game, and purchase it for a surprisingly generous sale price of $9.99, from the official site.

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