Saturday, January 11, 2014

SitRep: Frog Sord

Title: Frog Sord
Developer: Mech6
Platforms: PC
I first previewed Frog Sord back in November, where it was well into development. Recently the developers sent out an early playable alpha and I was able to finally play the game.

The alpha contains a handful of levels in the first forest area, a good 30 minutes to an hour of content. While there is no sound effects or music yet, the gameplay itself feels solid. The controls couldn't be simpler: arrow key to move, Z to jump, X to slash with your sword (sord?). In the framework, Mech6 has crafted a fun experience that feels reminiscent of Dustforce's mix of platforming and combat. But while Dustforce was focused on pixel-perfect speed runs, Frog Sord is slower paced but no less enjoyable. Even at this early stage, the game is fun and dashing between spikes and chaining together attacks with aerial maneuvering is quite satisfying. The pixel art and character design of the titular Frog gives the game character and a style all its own. The levels presented a nice difficulty curve, introducing moves and more complex uses of your abilities at a good pace, and only left me eager to see how the game will continue to develop and grow
The developers are hard at work, considering player feedback, and working on new areas. As seen in the GIF above, upcoming areas will introduce new hazards like collapsing platforms and new enemies to test your skills. You can follow Frog Sord's progress on its TIGForums devlog and the developer's site.

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