Friday, January 17, 2014

The Watchlist: Heavy Rockets

Title: Heavy Rockets
Developer: Jukka & Markus
Platforms: IOS Universal
Heavy Rockets is the coolest cave flyer shooter game on the planet. Fans of the classic game genre, will finally be able to enjoy this gravity defying treat with their modern iOS devices and later also with Mac OS X.

When I first saw Heavy Rockets on Toucharcade, I knew it was a game I'd be interested in. The geometric angular style gives the game a unique look and interesting levels to race and battle through. Heavy Rockets will offer two modes to thrust and blast through: Race mode challenges the player to speed through enemy and hazard filled levels as swiftly as possible, while Battle mode is pure combat. A wide range of weaponry will be at your disposal, from harpoons and mines to spreadshots and explosive rounds. Inertia and momentum looks to factor into your movements, turning traversal into a mastery of thrust control and proper timing. You'll be able to play solo as well as against other players or race your friends' ghosts for the best times.
Heavy Rockets is planned to release sometime in 2014 for IOS and Mac; however the developers also hope to eventually release Heavy Rockets on PS4. You learn about the game on its official site.

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