Saturday, January 18, 2014

IOS Spotlight #43: Shadow Blade

Title: Shadow Blade
Developer: Dead Mage
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
IOS gamers are no strangers to platformers. It's probably one of the most prevalent genres on IOS. While games like League of Evil, Commander Pixman, and others have shown that touch controls can work, precise controls can sometimes be hit or miss. Luckily Shadow Blade easily delivers and offers some of the best platforming action I've played on IOS.
When I first saw Shadow Blade, I thought it would be more of a fast paced stealth game, akin to Mark of the Ninja. Turns out that wasn't quite accurate. Shadow Blade is a fast paced precision platformer with some light stealth mechanics. Enemies are more like obstacles in your way, easily dispatched; if you're stopping to fight them, then your timing's off. Shadow Blade is all about speed and swiftness. Across its three chapters and Hardcore levels, you'll face a gauntlet of spikes and sawblades, electric barriers and collapsing platforms, snipers and other enemies.
While I found the swipe controls lacking, the virtual buttons provide the precision and accuracy needed to evade the various hazards and enemies. Perfecting each level takes practice and sharp timing. Soon you'll be effortlessly striking down enemies without pausing, double jumping between blades, dashing through glass barriers, and the game's fluid animations and colorful visuals means the action and spraying blood doesn't get old.
Shadow Blade offers fantastic platforming fun, thanks to its stylish visuals, responsive controls, fluid gameplay, and high difficulty. You can purchase Shadow Blade for $1.99.

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