Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Money, No Problem: From Hell's Heart

Title: From Hell's Heart
Developer: One More Turn
Platforms: PC, Mac
The Old Man and The Sea and Moby Dick are classic stories of conflict and struggle. From Hell's Heart takes those timeless tales, gives it a steampunk aesthetic and drops you into a hunt on unfriendly waters.
After a quick (maybe too quick) screen showing the controls, you find yourself on a rickety boat under an ominous grey sky. An expanse of ocean spreads out all around you, icebergs jut from the choppy waters. But you're not alone and you're on the hunt. Armed with harpoons, mines, and a small cannon, you must traverse the rolling waves in search of your prey: a monstrous shark-like beast that lurks beneath the surface, only exposing itself briefly, sometimes lunging from the icy depths. Chasing the beast across the ocean would be fun by itself, but you must all hunt whales for oil to fuel your ship; rounding out the experience are journal entries you can find to gradually piece together the story. What makes From Hell's Heart so fun and promising at this early beta stage is the sense of immersion and dread. Alone, with nothing but icy black water around, icebergs just visible in the haze, the screen rocking up and down in the rough current, you truly feel like you're in the midst of a desperate struggle.
You can download the free beta for From Hell's Heart here.

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