Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PC Spotlight #70: Jumping Line Plus

Title: Jumping Line Plus
Developer: Capricorn Games
Price: PC, Mac, IOS
Price: $1.99
Jumping Line takes a simple minimalist idea and creates a fun challenging platformer.
Jumping Line is pretty easy to describe. You control a jumping line, guiding it left or right as it arcs across a geometric landscape. The levels starts off as simple leaps over gaps, but soon you're dealing with collapsing bridges, rotating platforms, gate keys, switches that swift the level between red and blue platforms, and other hazards. Traversing the game's seamless campaign take about two hours, but there's many more hours of content to be found thanks to the level editor and user levels. The editor is user-friendly and easy to use and there are dozens of community-made levels to play.
Jumping Line is far from complex or deep, but it's a fun satisfying platformer. You can purchase the game on Desura, as well as on iTunes. The IOS version does not have a level editor.

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