Thursday, January 30, 2014

PC Spotlight #71: Dungeon of the Endless

Title: Dungeon of the Endless
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Platforms: PC
Price: $9.74/$14.99 (discounted)
When I first heard about Dungeon of the Endless, I was hesitant. The graphics looked lovely, the story interested, but the gameplay seemed so hands-off. But after reading other impressions, I finally gave the game a chance and Dungeon of the Endless does not disappoint.
Now it must be remembered that Dungeon of the Endless is Early Access, and in many ways feels less like a fully realized experience and more like a promising framework. But that framework is polished and very fun to play. Your vessel has crashed, and now your small team of survivors must venture into the halls and corridors of an ominous sci-fi dungeon where mutated terrors and mechanical foes lurk. Like the best roguelikes, danger is always present and you never feel safe. The atmospheric pixel art greatly adds to that tone, creating a tense environment to explore. Each door could reveal any manner of ruthless horrors.
Actually, I mean that quite literally. Dungeon of the Endless is a tactical game, and doors play a key part in your strategies. While I was worried that the hands-off nature of the gameplay would be detrimental to the experience, I found that it instead added to the game and gave Dungeon its own style. Here, pre-planning is everything. The mechanics feel more in-line with a tower defense game; place your squad, know their skills and strengths, their weapons and buffs, and strategize accordingly, because when you open that next door, all your planned tactics will determine whether your team survives or suffers a quick painful death. Protecting your energy generated Crystal, managing your scant resources properly, it all factors into your strategies.
Dungeon of the Endless is a challenging tactical take on the sci-fi roguelike with a fantastic pixel art style that oozes atmosphere. While the game has a long way to go before feeling complete, the current state is very playable. You can purchase Dungeon of the Endless on Steam; the game is available in two forms; the base Pixel Pack and the Founder Pack, which will grants the player access to upcoming DLC, the game's soundtrack, and other bonuses.

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