Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Money, No Problem: Zenzizenzic

Title: Zenzizenzic
Developer: Ruud Koorevaar
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Free beta
From Sine Mora to the recently released Ballpoint Universe, the bullet hell shoot-em-up have been a popular thriving genre. Zenzizenzic gives the projectile-evading mayhem a stylish abstract veneer and fun inventive weapons.

Right off the bat, Zenzizenzic impresses with its minimalist world of geometric enemies and bullets, as everything moves across the screen in crazy patterns like some abstract painting in motion. The game is really a joy to watch in motion, as new hazards flood in from all angles and your own weapons trace patterns across the screen. But Zenzizenzic isn't just a looker; there's great gameplay to back up the visuals. At its core, the game sticks to those tried and true shmup mechanics of hair-width evasion and shooting down enemies, but a number of additions flesh out the gameplay and offer the player numerous tactics. From the varied weapons ranging from time jumping teleportation to black holes to using your explosive shield at the best moment, Zenzizenzic allows the player to equip their favorite weapons, collecting firepower upgrades, and attempt to survive the ensuing onslaught.
The free beta currently contains two levels to play and several weapons to use, with a longer campaign, more weapons, and bonus levels to come. You can also double your firepower by playing co-operatively. Zenzizenzic can be downloaded from the official site, and you can rate the game on its Greenlight Concepts page.

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