Monday, January 13, 2014

IOS Spotlight #41: Gravity Badgers

Title: Gravity Badgers
Developer: Wales Interactive Ltd.
Platforms: IOS Universal, PC, Mac, Linux
Price: Free w/Game Unlock, $4.99 on Desura
Time and time again, we've seen how easy it is for quality games to slip under the radar on the App Store. If I didn't regularly check SlideDB, I would have never heard of Gravity Badgers and that's a shame. It's a fun polished game that deserves more attention
You play as a member of the titular Gravity Badgers, an elite galactic force. It's a silly tongue-in-cheek story that gives the chapters and boss fights a bit more meaning beyond simple levels. But the true meat of the game is where it should be, the gameplay. Gravity Badgers plays like a mix of Angry Birds Space with a focus on single screen "platforming" seen in games like Run Roo Run and Gravity Run. Each single-screen puzzle-esque challenge consists of a wormhole exit and a variety of hazards, some beneficial some not. Pull back on a badger to indicate the direction and strength of your jetpack, release to blast off. Timing and understanding of the various obstacles are key to success. From portals to gravity fields that attract and repel to direction-changing pipes and laser gate triggers, Gravity Badgers has a satisfying amount of content and challenge and isn't afraid to mix things up with bosses and bonus levels
Gravity Badgers is a charming hidden gem, with a nice aesthetic, cute story, and a lot of levels. You can download the game for free and unlock the game (and remove a single unobstrusive ad) with an in-ap purchase. The game is also available on Desura.

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