Tuesday, January 21, 2014

IOS Spotlight #44: Rainbow

Title: Rainbow
Developer: TCHOW
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
TCHOW is no stranger to making weird and inventive games, such as the time-controlling precision platformer RKTCR. Now his new game Rainbow is on IOS and it's as abstract and fun as his previous releases.
Rainbow tasks you to restore color to a dulled world. Using your finger, you maneuver a rainbow band around each level, touching different individuals to colorize them. While the levels start off easy, the difficulty and complexity soon ramps up, introducing tight mazes, different wall types, and other elements. The touch controls work well and there's even a guiding line that shows your future path similar to RKTCR, allowing you to adjust and improvise accordingly. You'll have to split up your rainbow into multiple strands, moving each through the winding levels. That task is challenging by itself, but the three optional objectives require extra planning and precise mastery, as you attempt to complete levels without lifting your finger, collecting hard to reach stars, and only splitting up your rainbow a certain amount of times.
Rainbow's minimalist style complements its difficult action-puzzle gameplay nicely and between the 30+ levels and side objectives, Rainbow offers a fun polished challenge. You can purchase the game for $1.99.

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