Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SitRep: Interstellaria

Title: Interstellaria
Developer: Coldrice Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Releasing late 2014
When I first previewed Interstellaria in November, it was still early in development, with a demo and a Kickstarter that was just gaining momentum. Now, the successfully funded space sandbox has entered alpha, and the progress since that early demo is evident and promising.

The pixel art is just as vibrant as before, but the gameplay has been fleshed out and improved. Interstellaria could be best described as FTL mixed with an action platformer and deeper crew mechanics. Like FTL, you'll travel the galaxy in your precious ship, gather crew, assign jobs, and deal with hostile ships as you travel from planet to planet. Managing your various systems and power levels for each is as critical as repairing damage that threatens to depressurize and destroy your vessel.
However that's only one facet of Interstellaria. Once you reach your destination, you can drop to the surface and explore. But planets offer more than exploration. Armed with a variety of weaponry and gear, you'll need to platform around alien planets, defeat hostile lifeforms, and discover secrets and new locations. This mix of ship simulation and action-focused exploration makes Interstellaria already fun to play, even in alpha, and thanks to the success on Kickstarter, only more worlds and aliens species will be available to find and explore as Interstellaria continues to grow. You can follow the game's development on the developer's site or TIGForums and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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