Thursday, January 23, 2014

IOS Spotlight #45: A Dark Room

Title: A Dark Room
Developer: Amir Rajan
Platforms: iPhone
Price: $1.99
I went into A Dark Room expecting another text adventure, but this game is so much more. Take the general framework of a text adventure, expand it with RPG and survival and management elements and random events, and add some Device 6-ism, and that's A Dark Room in a nutshell
You start with nothing but a campfire to tend, to feed with wood and keep burning bright. Soon you find a stranger out in the woods, and then A Dark Room begins to unravel from the text adventure trappings into a much larger expansive experience. Soon you're growing a village, enticing strangers to stay, collecting materials to build new houses and buildings, crafting new items and weapons for your villagers to hunt and protect themselves. Soon you'll be keeping precious meat from spoiling, enduring attacks from wild beasts, gathering wood from the dark forest where things lurk in the shadows, and more. The simple interface hides an amazing amount of depth and the text is fluid, poetic, and provides an ominous atmospheric tone in few words. There's even some meta Device 6-esque elements, like your screen dimming as the fire wanes and then brightening back up when you stroke the flames.

Don't overlook A Dark Room. Despite its outward appearance, the experience is deeper and more intriguing than one might expect. You can purchase A Dark Room for $1.99

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