Monday, January 20, 2014

PC Spotlight #68: Stick It To The Man

Title: Stick It To The Man
Developer: Zoink Studios
Platforms: PC
Price: $14.99
I'm probably not the first to say it, but the first game that comes to mind when playing Stick It To Man is Double Fine's Psychonauts. While both share a unique art style, platforming, and great humor, Stick It To Man stands out due to its fun gameplay and story.
After Ray (who works a hard hat tester, by the way) is hit on the head by a mysterious device, he finds himself with an unusual problem: an metaphysical purple hand protruding from his head. It's with this strange appendage that Stick It provides both its story and varied gameplay. Your purple hand is part grappling hook, able to draw you to platforms and other points around levels, and part telepathic instrument, allowing you to read the minds of NPCs, even influence their behaviors and thoughts. From trips through surreal mindscapes to hurried escapes from the enigmatic government agents, Stick It offers a wide range of puzzles, platforming, even some inventive stealth mechanics, and exploration. But while the gameplay is great, it's the story and dialogue that makes the experience even better. It's a hilarious journey, filled with a host of zany characters and interesting missions, and it's a story best experienced for yourself.
Stick It To Man's stylized art style, a world comprised of stickers and drawing, makes exploring the weird abstract world a joy, and the game as a whole delivers in fun story and engaging mechanics. You can purchase Stick It To The Man on Steam.

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