Monday, June 15, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 6/13

Title: Systole
Developer: COCO Collective Consciousness
SYSTOLE is a breathtaking adventure that blends acrobatic challenges and exploration in a 2.5 platformer. It is currently being developed for PC and consoles. Wielding the power of magnetism, you’ll be able to swing from poles, attach to various surfaces and repel yourself from platforms while devising fast and clever ways to overcome hostiles that stand before you.
Title: Occult
Developer: Kunani Gaming
Occult is a first person experience. You have an arsenal of high tech tools and some unexplained talents of your own, but no weapons. You can run, but moving around carefully using your available resources is probably the smartest strategy. Demons lurk, and they could be the end of you.
Title: Family Man
Developer: Bluebutton Games
A 3D first person game based on the life of a family man pushed to the limits of his own morality for the sake of his family. Think Breaking Bad, meets Papers Please, meets Hitman.

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