Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Watchlist: Impact Winter

Title: Impact Winter
Developer: Mojo Bones
Platforms: PC
Impact Winter is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure set 8 years after 'The Catastrophe': an asteroid collision that's ravaged Earth's population and buried the planet under perpetual snowfall
The world as we knew it is over. A white shroud of endless snowfall blankets the landscape, the aftereffect of a devastating impact event. This is the world you inhabit in Impact Winter, a dynamic survival game in development for PC
Your situation is dire; holed up in a dilapidated church, with help arriving in 30 days. Supplies are scare, and the scavengers lurk in the darkness beyond your shelter. As Jake Solomon, you are the leader of a small group, each member acting independently with their own strengths and stats. While the NPCs are AI-driven, it's your responsibility as leader to resolve disputes, assign tasks, and make the tough decisions that could mean life or death for your group. Hunt for food or weather the incoming blizzard? Welcome a stranger in? Venture into the darkness to search for a missing person?
The world of Impact Winter is one of danger and desperation. Fuel and food are critical in this winter wasteland, and similar to the recently released game This War of Mine, starvation and other elements can affect the moral of your group. To remedy this and survive for the 30 days, you'll need to venture out into the harsh environment, braving scavengers and wildlife. Combat is possible, but like everything else, ammo is limited so a safer choice could to be scare threats away with a warning shot. But the greatest danger is the weather itself; unexpected storms, freezing temperatures, poor visibility, strong winds that slow your movement, can kill you just as easily as another human. Your AKO-LIGHT drone can track the temperature, scan the environment for areas of interest, and provide night vision when darkness falls...but be wary of battery usage or you'll find yourself without a map or illumination in the snow-swept landscape.
Impact Winter is planned to release sometime in 2016. You can follow its development on TIGForums and the developer's Youtube channel. Impact Winter was recently Greenlit.

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