Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No Money, No Problem: Camp 1

Title: Camp 1
Developer: Waxwing Games
Platforms: PC
From its first moment, Camp 1 delivers an atmosphere of depressing misery and isolation. You are a laborer at a penal camp for a nameless company, working on a remote planet. The visuals sell that ambiance superbly, with the endless expanse of darkness and snow outside, the dim gray environments and poorly lit interiors. It just feels like a cold miserable place.
This is your last day in the camp, one last job loading cargo onto orbiting deep space freighters. In adventure game fashion, you point and click and perform actions to complete this task, but along the way, dark secrets are uncovered. It's a story best experienced yourself.

You can download Camp 1 from, Game Jolt, and IndieDB.

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