Sunday, June 28, 2015

PC Review #118: Steredenn

Title: Steredenn
Developer: Pixelnest Studio
Platforms: PC, Mac
Price: $8.99
If there's one thing more satisfying than evading screens of varied bullet patterns from increasingly dangerous waves of enemies, it's laying wastes to those incoming enemies with an equally varied array of weapons...and Steredenn delivers on that front in spades.
Steredenn doesn't waste your time. From the first procedurally-generated wave of space pirates, the game offers an uncompromising and frenetic challenge. An armada of ships approach from the right, filling the screen with bullets and lasers and devastating hazards. You alone must face this overwhelming force, dodging between swirling projectiles and sweeping beams and rocket-propelled chainsaws. But agility isn't enough. A powerful selection of weapons lets you even the odds.
Superlasers that tear through entire squadrons. Homing missiles, flamethrowers, and torpedoes. Heavy-hitting crusher bolts, a devastating death ray. More exotic weapons like stasisbeams, drones, and a massive sawblade. Steredenn's arsenal is vast, and you can equip any two weapons at a time, depending on what you come across throughout your playthrough. The game's randomized rogue-lite nature means the combinations might not always be ideal, but on the other hand, you're always coming across new weapons and experimenting with different synergies, such as shield and torpedoes, drill and shotgun, and other interesting combos.
But Steredenn's hectic combat wouldn't be nearly as spectacular if it wasn't for the game's gorgeous art style. Enemy vessels erupt into pixel flames and debris, as you fly past vivid nebulas and galaxies, past flaring suns and capital ship graveyards. Each new stage is an experience to see some new wallpaper-worthy background.
Steredenn is currently on Early Access; the last update added a plethora of new content, including a reworked weapon drop system, the powerful Hypergun, and more enemy waves. You can purchase the game on Steam and Humble.

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