Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Watchlist: Udon Dreams

Title: Udon Dreams
Developer: polycrime
Platforms: PC
In development
Udon Dreams is a first-person adventure game. You are hired to go undercover on board a resort ship in space and sabotage it prior to its grand opening.
Interactivity is the core aspect that separates games from other mediums. Being in a world rather than simply observing, having an effect on the environment rather simply admiring. Udon Dreams tasks you with sabotaging a galactic resort ship, and interacting with the ship and items found throughout the vessel is key to giving you freedom to approach your objectives..
Those objectives can range from documenting rival technology to disabling the ship's communication tower, and the sheer interactivity offers an extensive range of choices to achieve these goals. Need to infiltrate the central camera room? You could bribe the security bot guarding the room, or sneak in through a vent, or simply smash through the window.

Little details abound, adding texture to Udon Dream's sci-fi sandbox. Smashing windows into space causes rooms to depressurize. Bots will rescue you if you travel outside without oxygen or a suit. You can collect water from faucets to extinguish fires. You can even bake pies in kitchen ovens; make sure to pre-heat to cook faster.
Udon Dreams is still early in development; Polycrime recently switched the game to Unity 5 and have been making steady progress since. You can learn more about the game on its TIGForum devlog and the developer's Twitter page.

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