Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 6/6

Title: Glyphs
Developer: Legit Games
Glyphs is a 2D open-world fantasy RPG, following the story of Elias as he travels across a variety of treacherous landscapes on a quest to reforge the enchanted relics known as Glyphs and restore order to the land of Eldamir.
Title: Crest
Developer: Eat Create Sleep
Did god shape mankind, or did mankind shape god? Welcome to Crest, a god game where you are as a parent to your children. Your only way of communication with your subjects is commandments you write for them. How these commandments are interpreted and remembered are not set in stone. What you write and what experiences they have with the environment is the basis for their religion. You might find that your people will change on their own accord over time and use your commandments for their own devices.
Title: Doko Roko
Developer: Okobu Games
Doko Roko is a rogue-like, vertical platformer about strange magicks, weird swords, and the spread and mutation of ideas.
Title: Into The Light
Developer: Mind Echoes
Wake up into a strange world, everything around you is completely dark, looks like an empty place, but, is it really?
Travel around this world, exploring a series of mazes, avoiding the dangers the mazes have, while you try to solve the different puzzles using a diverse sets of mechanics that your flare (the only resource you have) provides you.

Title: Epistory
Developer: Fishing Cactus
Epistory is the story of a writer in lack of inspiration who decides to ask for help to the muse of his book. Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric third person action / adventure in 3D which has the particularity of only being played with the keyboard. In this game you play the muse, a fictional character in a world where everything is still to imagine/write. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but the world will soon become larger and more alive as you gather inspiration, face enemies and solve its mysteries. All is done with the keyboard, each interaction being carried out by typing words related to it. Each interactive element has its own way of being typed: without making any mistake to unlock a door, as fast as possible to load a dynamo, with one hand holding SHIFT and the other hand typing, and so on! You also fight enemies and obstacles using the powers of fire, ice, electricity and wind.

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