Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SitRep: Besiege

Title: Besiege
Developer: Spiderling Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Back in January, I posted about Besiege and its medieval physics-based vehicular chaos. For an early alpha, the level of polish was astounding, and the game has only been improved since then.

The new island of Tolbrynd joined the original island, with five new levels of fortifications to raze. The next update, coming in July, will expand this island with five more levels.
To compliment the challenges, a varied array of new parts have been added. Drill heads, different sized cogs, a powerful shrapnel cannon, new wheel types, and more, as well as improvements and refinements to the building interface, have provided myriad new ways to design machines.
The upcoming update will also add Steam Workshop support, making it easier than ever before to be amazed by the inventive designs from the community.
Besiege is available for $6.99 on Steam Early Access and through Humble.

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