Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Watchlist: Lagrangian Point

Title: Lagrangian Point
Developer: Hindsight Games
Platforms: PC
A 2D, top down tactical space combat game
Against gorgeous backgrounds of nebulas and shattered planets and other extraterrestrial debris, Lagrangian Point promises tactical battles between customizable armadas. Missiles and projectiles streak across the void, flaring against energy shields and tearing through asteroids and hull armor alike. To counter these onslaughts, a deep customization element opens the door for a wealth of potential tactics, from drone launchers and mine layers to cloaking devices and fleet command  modules.
These subsystems can be controlled individually, allowing you to fire weapons independently or manually face shields to protect damaged areas, or attacked to disable enemy ships. Lagrangian Point will even include a hull editor to create completely unique ship designs. The ship creation element will feature heavily in competitive and cooperative modes; if online gameplay isn't your forte, there will also be an open-world solo campaign, where you make allies and enemies in a reactive world inhabited by various factions.
Lagrangian Point is aiming for release later this year, and is currently on Steam Greenlight. You can learn more about the game on its official site, as well as the developer's Twitter and Facebook pages.

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