Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Watchlist: Relativity

Title: Relativity
Developer: Willy Chyr
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
In development
Relativity is an exploration-puzzle game that imagines a universe with a different set of physical laws.
Set in a sprawling hub-based environment, Relativity is an upcoming puzzle game where physics and gravity can be manipulated to solve brain-teasers and navigate twisting Escher-inspired levels. By manipulating gravity fields and placing special cubes, you can move through the world of Relativity unbound by physics: walls and ceilings become floors, space bends around you (recursive geometry means falling off a ledge drops you back onto the area you fell from), and you'll be able manipulate and control other elements as well. Similar to Antichamber, Relativity isn't linear, but spread across hubs and branching areas to explored and solved at your pace. The soft colors and almost-sketched visuals gives the landscape a unique art style.
Relativity is still in development, making steady progress. In fact, the game was showcased at the recent PAX Indie Minibooth. You can learn more about Relativity on its official site and follow its development on TIGForums.

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