Saturday, May 10, 2014

IOS Spotlight #63: Lumena

Title: Lumena
Developer: Elevate Entertainment
Platform: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
Elevate has been calling Lumena as a "no-nonsense rhythm game" and that's easily the most succinct description. A twitchy reflex game, Lumena is all about rhythm and reaction.
Playing Lumena couldn't be simpler. You fling colored disks at revolving patterns of light, as the lights flash and pulse to the rhythm. Each of the game's six levels has its own soundtrack and to last the required 60 seconds, you must learn the song, the beat, and time you flings accordingly. If there was one flaw with Lumena, it would be that the game's reliance of its soundtrack makes the gameplay too focused on trial and error. Success comes from learning the music and remember how to react the beat-based patterns, rather than pure reaction like other twitch games. While the trial and error may turn some off, I found the great electronic soundtrack, smooth controls, pulsing colorful style, and randomized colors helped alleviate some of that frustration
Lumena combines fast-paced gameplay with an engaging soundtrack, making for an enjoyable experience that can grow repetitive over time. Come for the flashy style and twitch gameplay, stay for the music. You can purchase Lumena for $1.99.

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