Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Watchlist: Eidolon

Title: Eidolon
Developer: Ice Water Games
Platforms: PC, Mac
Releasing 2014, pre-order for $10
Eidolon is a game about exploring a mysterious landscape and uncovering the stories of the people who lived there once before. It is a game about history, curiosity, interconnectedness, and the slow and inevitable beauty of life.
Set in the far-future wilderness of Washington state, Eidolon presents the player with a vast landscape to explore and endure. It's a place long abandoned and ruined, yet beautiful thanks to a minimalist art style reminiscent of games like Proteus or Skipping Stone. However your journey through the world of Eidolon will not be merely one driven by discovery or the desire to uncover about the mysterious fate of those who once resided there. You must survive this landscape as well. Armed with a bow, fishing pole, and other equipment, you must gather and hunt and flee. Wildlife ranges from the harmless - frogs, dragonflies - to dangerous predators such as bears, wolves, and even bio-engineered animals, and the elements aren't your friend either, threatening disease and biting cold. Festering wounds, starvation, and exhaustion are as much a threat as any animal. Even with a bow, you're very much at the mercy of the wilderness; it's always better to run and hide rather than fight.
Build campfires, gather supplies, explore, survive, discover relics and artifacts that piece together the story of Eidolon's abandoned world. Eidolon is shaping up to be a compelling experience, offering both engaging survival elements and a unique open world to discover. You can learn more about Eidolon on its Tumblr blog and TIGForum devlog, as well as preorder the game here.

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