Wednesday, May 7, 2014

IOS Spotlight #61: Bicolor

Title: Bicolor
Developer: 1Button
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
I enjoy minimalist puzzle games and 1Button has become my go-to developer for delivering on that front. Between their games ON/OFF, SEQ, and PILE, they've proven that they can craft challenging puzzle games with interesting mechanics and a minimal style. Bicolor adds to that collection.
Like 1Button's other games, Bicolor is a minimalist puzzle game centered around a simple idea. Each level consists of tiles of two different colors, some numbered. Your goal is to simply fill in the screen with a single color. However two elements make that simple goal a challenge: one, tiles can only move on tiles of the opposite color and two, the numbers indicate how many spaces a tile can move before clearing. So you must not only find the right path that lets you use all numbered tiles, but also essentially draw the paths to allow you to move other tiles of different colors. The controls are smooth and responsive and each level requires planning and thinking steps ahead, as it's easy to paint yourself into a corner. Thankfully the game alleviates any frustration by allowing you to easily undo moves with a swipe and offers IAP for hints if you're hopelessly stuck.
Bicolor's simple aesthetic belies its challenging nature, offering over 100 level of tricky puzzles, with more coming in a future update. You can purchase Bicolor for $0.99.

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