Sunday, May 4, 2014

PC Spotlight #92: Unclaimed World

Title: Unclaimed World
Developer: Refactored Games
Platfroms: PC
Price: $12.99
Crash-landed, alone in an otherworldly wilderness far from home. Survival is the only option. Unclaimed World puts you in control of stranded scientists carving out a means to survive in a dangerous alien landscape.
Like other similar games, Unclaimed World tasks you with surviving a deadly world, guiding your colonists' actions, gathering resources, crafting new and better tools, fighting off the predators and ingenious species that roam the environment. Hunting food, building fences to keep creatures at bay, scouting the area for materials, learning about the world and managing your small group. In truth, in its current form, the game feels lacking, which given being in alpha and on Early Access, should be expected. At the moment, Unclaimed World is a game about survival, with deeper and more expansive colonization features planned for the future. A playthrough takes about an hour, with an option to continue surviving as long as possible. Perhaps the clearest example of Unclaimed World's current state is the fact that it lacks the ability to save progress.
Now I'm not saying Unclaimed World is a bad game. What's there is fun and challenging and intriguing. The controls are simple and intuitive. The detailed visual style and animations sets the game apart from others in the genre such as RimWorld and Outpost. But where Unclaimed World excels most at the moment is in potential. Features like disease, more wildlife, a more expansive ecosystem and agricultural system, and more colonial mechanics promise to make Unclaimed World bigger, better, and more fleshed out.

You can purchase Unclaimed World on Steam.

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