Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IOS Spotlight #65: CiRCA6

Title: CiRCA6
Developer: Rishi Mody
Platforms: iPhone
Price: $0.99
One can never have enough twitch arcade games. Or at least that's my opinion. It's such a diverse genre, offering a wide range of mechanics and art styles. CiRCA6 is a recent entry and while mechanically simple, it's a fun challenging experience.
Perhaps the most apt description of CiRCA6 would be Spout with enemies. Like in Spout, you direct your thrust to propel yourself around the screen, but rather than blasting a path through destructible environments, in CiRCA6, your thrust is also your means of defense as enemies encroach from all sides. Some take the direct approach and rush in, while others zigzag, and it's a challenge to simultaneously maneuver between the hordes while also blowing them away with your weapon. Power-ups such as slow motion provide you with a temporary edge in the fight, but in the end, all it depends on your own abilities, leading enemies into chokepoints, and skillful movement. The minimal style keeps the screen uncluttered as you fight and flee your way to a high score.
You can purchase CiRCA6 for $0.99.

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