Wednesday, May 14, 2014

IOS Spotlight #64: RedShift

Title: RedShift
Developer: Belief Engine
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
RedShift takes a classic movie scenario - the ticking bomb - and crafts an tense randomized adventure around, as you race against the clock.
In RedShift, you're the last survivor in an facility on the verge of an explosive meltdown. No time to waste, only to navigate the labyrinth of corridors, find the terminals, disable the reactors to stop the inevitable explosion. RedShift is a simple game; you move left and right, travel down hallways to reach other areas of the complex, search for fire repairs to extinguish the flames that block your path. But as the clock ticks ever downward and the map grows larger with each new room and corridor, you realize that this isn't just a facility, it's a maze and you need to stay focused and attentive to succeed. Each playthrough offers a new randomized facility and the tension always remains high, thanks to that unseen clock. Running to your next terminal and passing one you already activated, glimpsing how much time you have left, only makes the race against more intense.
RedShift may not last very long or offer much depth, but it offers a tense experience as you navigate the doomed halls in your desperate attempt to save the day. You can purchase the game for $1.99

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