Monday, May 12, 2014

The Watchlist: Cogmind

Title: Cogmind
Developer: Grid Sage Games
Platforms: PC
In development, tentative 2014 release
A science fiction-themed traditional roguelike in which you play a robot that builds itself from components found or salvaged from other robots.
If you're a fan of roguelikes, no doubt you've had the "What is a roguelike" discussion at least once. Some ascribe to the rigid classic definition, that roguelikes must be turn based among other aspects, while some accept the looser more-encompassing definition that includes platformers, first person shooters, and other genres. Cogmind looks like it could be the roguelike to please both camps, combining Rogue's ASCII visuals and turn-based gameplay, with modern features such as detailed animations, particle effects, module-based customization, and destructible environments.
An expanded version of a 7DRL entry, Cogmind is a classic sci-fi roguelike, as you control an reactivated robot and fight through the expansive complex in which you were created. Perhaps what's most appealing about Cogmind is the depth of customization at your disposal. From different power sources and means of propulsion to weapons and gear, you can craft a character that suits any playstyle: the stealthy hacker, the armored tank, the melee-focused glass cannon, and much more. As you traverse the halls and areas, you gather new parts and equipment from defeated enemies, allowing you to program followers, hack into computers and security systems, all in a stylish ASCII art style. Now personally ASCII is usually a turn off for me, but Cogmind's fancy particles and cool weapon animations brings the turn-based action to life. 
Cogmind is still in development, and the developer hopes to release the game sometime in 2014. You can play the original 7DRL version here and follow the game's development on its blog and TIGForum.

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