Saturday, May 10, 2014

No Money, No Problem: The Fourth Wall

Title: The Fourth Wall
Developer: Logan Fieth
Platforms: PC
So if you've been following me on Twitter, you probably saw my incessant tweets about the recent Kickstarter for Four Sided Fantasy (successfully funded!). Made by developer Logan Fieth during his time at Digipen, The Fourth Wall was the original game to explore the screen wrap mechanic seen in Four Sided Fantasy.
I had my doubts that manipulated screen could work as a mechanic or even make for a challenging game, but The Fourth Wall proved otherwise. As you guide your character on his journey through this gray-scale world, you can freeze the screen at any time, basically making the entire perimeter of the screen act as one big portal that warps you around when you move off-screen. It's a simple mechanic using in a cool challenging ways and makes you consider the level space differently; large gaps become easily passable by simply jumping off and falling down from the sky, impassible pillars are bypassed by crossing to other side of screen, and more.
I definitely recommend giving The Fourth Wall a try (and Perspective too, while you're at it). The Fourth Wall is short but smart, and I'm eager to see how Four Sided Fantasy expands on its already-interesting concept.

Download The Fourth Wall here.

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