Saturday, May 3, 2014

PC Spotlight #90: RocketsRocketsRockets

Title: RocketsRocketsRockets
Developer: Radial Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $4.99
If it wasn't clear from the title, RocketsRocketsRockets is about rockets. Flying rockets, shooting rockets, avoiding rockets. Those with a rocket fetish will definitely be pleased here. Of course what's really important is how the game plays, and RocketsRocketsRockets is fun and fast
While the game is very bare-bones at the moment, the core gameplay is great. It really feels like you're controlling a barely in-control rocket (in a good way, the controls are tight but loose enough to feel wild and intense). The whole visual style is very appealing, with the twirling, twisting, sweeping vector lines you and your projectiles leave in their wake. RocketsRocketsRockets has a very Luftrausers-esque feel, as you circle and strafe your opponent, deftly avoiding missiles, leaving a trail of mines to intercept an enemy, rushing headlong and releasing a hailstorm of bombs. Either against the AI or in local multiplayer, matches in RocketsRockersRockets are always hectic, always beautiful, full of close calls and rapid evasion.
RocketsRocketsRockets is still early in development, and the developer plans to follow a Minecraft-style business model, increasing the price as new content and features are added. An expanded single player campaign, co-op mode, online multiplayer, rocket customization, Steam Workshop support, and more is planned for the game's future. You can purchase RocketsRocketsRockets on Steam Early Access.

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