Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Watchlist: Flagship

Title: Flagship
Developer: Urban Logic Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
In development, 2015
Flagship is a real-time strategy game set on a galactic scale, played from a first person perspective. Command your fleet from the bridge of your ship, explore the stars and expand your territory.
From Drifter to FTL to games like Star Citizen, Sins of Solar Empire, and the X games, PC has no shortage of epic space games. The upcoming Flagship approaches the genre from a different angle, placing you at the helm of your own massive ship through an immersive first person perspective.
Rather than being confined to the usual birds-eye view, Flagship drops you in the glass-windowed bridge of a space-faring warship, an entire armada at your command. Interact with screens and sensors to issue commands, direct your forces, target enemy vessels, and  more, then watch the maneuvers unfold outside, as massive cruisers pass overhead, fighters swoop by, as a losing battle causes fires to break out and cables to come loose, all against the backdrop of procedurally generated planets and blinding suns. Reading through Flagship's devlog, Urban Logic has great ambitions for the game: docking and seamlessly transitioning from ship to space station, hangar bays and other areas of the ship to explore and interact with, elements such black holes and nebula clouds, a desperate story of conflict as an outnumbered human race fights against a powerful enemy, resource management, sending crew to board and capture ships, even the ability to fly fighters.
Flagship has been in development for several months and for a pre-alpha, already looks quite impressive. You can learn more about the game's development on IndieDB. The developers hope to release Flagship sometime in 2015; a Kickstarter is planned for later this year.

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