Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 10/31

Title: One Last Sunset
Developer: Benjy Bates and co.
One Last Sunset is a story about betrayal and revenge set in a post-apocalyptic world with Wild West overtones.
The game combines RPG-esque sandbox elements, choices, consequences, etc, with rogue-like random generation (maps, locations, quests and so on), perma-death and ticking clock goals - you have only a 72 (in-game) hour window to get find and kill the man who betrayed you.
Title: Bazaar
Developer: Greysphere
Fly on a magic carpet through the mystical land of Bazaar. Explore this twisting city to find exotic trinkets you'll need for your journey. Beware the dart traps, sea cobras, and hungry crocs that lurk around corners. Lamassu, guardian of the the labyrinth, is furious that vandal monkeys have stolen his relics. Will you recover them in time or be trapped forever?
Title: Sub-Species
Developer: Howling Hamster
Sub-Species is a 2.5D Shooter, in which your submarine can rotate 360° in order to blast alien sea monsters that will be coming at you from all angles.
You’re a scavenger piloting a small salvage submarine that must journey into to deepest Sub-Species of the ocean and blasting enormous sea monsters into oblivion. Kicking ass and saving the World, now how could that not be fun?
Title: Quest to Aztlan
Developer: A Bonfire of Souls
Quest to Aztlan is a small huge rpg game. You choose an exploration team to explore the ancient ruins of Atzlan. In the way you fight against creatures that prevent you reach the city treasury. Upgrade your equipment spending coins in the merchant shop (a peculiar character) and manage the battle in real time combats 4 vs 4.

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