Saturday, October 10, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 10/10

Title: Klang
Developer: Tinimations
Klang is at its core an evolution of traditional rhythm games. Where previous games in the genre has mostly focused on pressing buttons in correct timing with the music, Klang expands upon this with adding the flair of exploration and platforming.
Title: Archaica
Developer: Two Mammoths
Archaica: The Path of Light is a puzzle game “lasers and mirrors” type of game that has been enhanced with a storyline and some gratifying graphics.
During the game we become the Chosen One, who has to chose a legendary Path of Light and save the world from destruction, by reviving ancient mechanisms once more. Yet we explore secrets hidden by the Ancients and discover true destiny of The Path along the way
Title: Hybrid Beasts
Developer: BeastBits
Hybrid Beasts is a unique cross-genre game that brings together strategic turn-based action and open-world exploration and adventure. At its heart, teams of never before seen creatures battle against each other to conquer and defend regions of a mysterious world full of secrets, quests and adventures that are being discovered in the process.
Title: Castles
Developer: Whoot Games
Castles is a multiplayer puzzle-action game. In a medieval setting 1 or 2 characters have to push or drag blocks to unite them in rows of 3 or more of the same colors (materials) or figures (tools). The player doesn't take direct control of the blocks but instead controls engineers who are tasked with the movement of the blocks, giving a unique twist to the gameplay.

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