Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 10/3

Title: "Gabraham Lincoln" (Working title)
Developer: Spiffing Games
A sidescrolling beat’em’up inspired by the Devil May Cry series with a good dose of humour and narrative to give the player a compelling journey through Gabe’s world. The story is based around the end of the Civil War in 1865 when Gabe won. Little did he know that his confederate opponent’s were still a little salty and had revenge on the mind.
Title: Chicku
Developer: Gatling Goat Studios
Chicku is a crazy local multiplayer platformer in which the player has to escape the evil Barrington chicken nugget factory, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. The player will be forced to dodge saws, spikes and other deadly traps in order to set the other chickens free. There will be a lot of cartoon voilence throughout the game with limbs flying all over the place!
Title: Cold Seep
Developer: Cowardly Creations
A Lovecraftian horror adventure game containing giant creatures, underwater deep sea exploration and Cthulhu!
Title: Captain Kaon
Developer: Engage Pixel
Revisit the classic ‘Thrust’-style gameplay from the golden age of Atari, evolved for modern gamers as a twin-stick shooter. Negotiate the twists and turns of tunnels and caverns under the surface of Mars, Ceres and many more planets across the solar system.
Engage with swarms of enemy Laser Pods in bullet-riddled combat. Rescue hostages before they can be turned into Brain Drones that swell the ranks of Doctor Quantex’ army. Deploy Marines, turret guns and other assets to turn the tide of battle. Recover fuel, data chips and other resources to aid you in victory.

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