Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 10/24

Title: Starfallen
Developer: Starfallen team
Starfallen is a procedural action-rpg about an engineer that crashes on an alien world, and who is believed by the native aliens to be one of their gods.
Though the world is beautiful, it is dangerous and hostile and the Engineer must find a way home. The Engineer explores the vast alien world inhabited by archaic civilizations, and is snared into a dark conspiracy.
Title: Somber
Developer: Lost Cause Games
Somber is a 4 player coop, third person suspense game, set in a fictional city of Argentina during mid 1950’s.
The current president has been replaced by a militar dictator. With the attention of the authorities in other places, the mysterious cult of Somber has taken control of the small city of Dale in preparation for the arrival of an ancient god. A group of brave residents of the city have joined forces to stop the cult before its too late.
Title: Fat Mask
Developer: Paper Cult Games
Fat Mask is a frenetic local-multiplayer action-puzzler in which you connect pieces of monsters to create even bigger monsters, but beware of other players trying to steal your creatures!
Title: Spooky Pooky
Developer: Fistful Of Squid
Spooky Pooky is a 2D platformer that combines action, exploration and puzzle-solving set against the backdrop of a B-movie plot.

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