Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 8/1

Title: Wanderers
Developer: Anthony Pismarov
A four-player, open world, action-adventure game.
Title: Somewhere On Zibylon
Developer: Mykhail Konokh
A sci fi puzzle game with stealth elements in the atmosphere of cold space and zero gravity.
A repair drone sent for routine inspection to the colonization station Zibylon. Upon arrival, it detects a strange activity and loss of control over the station. Using the capabilities of the drone you have to explore Zibylon, unleash a lot of puzzles, having passed a difficult way through the station in the atmosphere of cold space and zero gravity.
Title: Sublevel Zero
Developer: SIGTRAP Games
The laws of physics are crumbling and reality is falling apart. Fly through procedurally generated zero gravity environments, looting and crafting the ancient technology needed to keep yourself and your clan alive.
Title: Omnis: The Erias Line
Developer: Elyn Studio
Omnis: The Erias Line is a 2D, story-driven game that blends the spirit and mechanics of a j-RPG with the darker themes of western sci-fi, fantasy and new-weird fiction. As you play, every decision you make can influence how you experience the story. A huge range of choices - from dialogue options picked to key-items found - change how character relationships develop, how major events play out and how you shape your path to the ending.

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