Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Money, No Problem: We Shall Wake

Title: We Shall Wake
Developer: Nokoriware
Platforms: PC, Linux
The plans for We Shall Wake include an open world, action RPG mechanics, and dynamic warring factions, but the recently released demo is much smaller but no less impressive. It provides a taste of the game's lightning-fast brawling action, and is fun all on its own.
"Fast" is the key word there. Inspired by games like Prototype, Metal Gear Rising, and Devil May Cry, your biomechanical warrior Novem is a super-powered fighting machine, able to sprint at incredible speeds, juggle enemies with gravity-defying aerial combos, teleport dash through attacks. With finely-tuned skills, you can take on a hundred enemies at once with ease. (Seriously)
We Shall Wake's demo offers several modes: a tutorial, a practice arena, and endless waves against increasingly powerful enemies. Not only can you practice new combos, the game also allows you to unlock new attacks and build your own custom combos, reminiscent of Remember Me's Combo Lab. You can unlock moves to extend your aerial juggles, lethal finishers, defensive shields, nanomachine-enhanced AOE attacks, and more to destroy your enemies in devastating new ways.
Even as an alpha, We Shall Wake already has an solid gameplay foundation and offers a promising look at the larger game to come. You can download the alpha demo here.

We Shall Wake will be coming to Steam Greenlight soon, and a Kickstarter is planned.

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