Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Watchlist: Bleed 2

Title: BLEED 2
Developer: Bootdisk Revolution
Platforms: PC
In development
Better graphics, better weapons, better gameplay, and more...Bleed 2 picks up about a week after the events of the first game.
Every once in a while, you learn that something you enjoyed - be it a movie, book, game, etc. - is getting a sequel or a follow-up or a spiritual successor...and somehow you completely missed any news about it being made. There's that moment of shock, then happiness, then "How did I miss this?" That's a pretty accurate description of me learning that the underrated triple-dashing platformer/shooter Bleed was getting a sequel.

Bleed originally released on XBIG in 2012, before coming to Steam a year later, and despite its polish, colorful quirky charm, and acrobatic blend of bullet hell and run-n-gun action, it remained relatively unknown. The notion of a sequel never even crossed my mind (or the minds of other fans, going by the NeoGAF thread about the sequel). But Bleed 2 is coming, and developer Bootdisk Revolution is promising a bigger and better game in every way.
Bleed ended with protagonist Wryn defeating the world's heroes, and the sequel picks up soon after, with Wryn having taken the mantle as the world's greatest (and only) hero. But any hero needs a villain, and now a new threat emerges to taken on the last remaining hero.

But Bleed was never about the story. The narrative served as a framework for a fast-paced arcade action and the sequel will deliver that in spades. Bullet-time and triple jumping returns, allowing you to deftly dodge projectiles and enemies while returning fire of your own. Your katana is even deadlier than before, now able to reflect bullets with a well-timed slash, and your entire arsenal of dual pistols, rocket launchers, shotguns, and other weapons can be accessed at anytime.
Levels will be more dynamic, ranging from shootouts across the tops of cars along a freeway to gunning down waves of fighters on the exterior of an enemy space ship. Bleed 2 will feature twice as many bosses as the original game, as well as new power-ups and other modes. And if the screen-filling onslaught of bullets, missiles, and enemies is too much to handle alone, co-op will also return in the sequel.
Bleed 2 is still in development, and you can follow its progress on the developer's website and Twitter page.

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