Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Watchlist: Volt

Title: Volt
Developer: Quantized Bit
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $4.99 pre-order/beta access, $9.99 on release
Releasing in November 2013
You play as a battery that must escape from the recycling facility and your goal on each level is to reach the exit by using a limited number of the electric beams. You can cut the beam or connect it to the wall if there's any within a range, but that's not the only way to control the battery. You can also release the shock wave - doing this drains your energy, but it helps you to push off the walls or jump if touching the ground.
Alpha gameplay here
Set for release this fall, Volt looks to combine grapple hook style movement and puzzle platforming. Using your dual energy beams, you must swing around obstacles and dodge traps to reach each level's exit. Volt promises 80 levels of puzzle platforming action, as well as boss fights, secret levels, and unlockable characters. Pre-orders and beta access will be available this week; the full game releases in November. You can learn about Volt on its IndieDB page here.

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