Friday, September 27, 2013

No Money, No Problem: Ninjah

Title: Ninjah
Developer: Chris Mingay
Platforms: PC, Linux, XBIG
A remake of the original freeware game released in 2007, Ninjah is now free to download. It's a difficult platformer which combines color switching, a grapple hook, and a gun to deliver challenging levels and a simple but effective art style.
In each of its 50 level, the controls are changed. Sometimes you have access to movement and your grapple hook and gun. Other levels, you may only be to use your grappling hook or only your gun. This allows for a great level variety as you avoid hazards, land precise jumps to change your color, and fly through the air with your elastic grappling hook.
Ninjah is a fun game with a nice amount of content and solid platforming. You can download it here or if you're feeling generous and wish to support the developer, you can buy it on Desura or XBIG. Chris is also working on Ninjah 2, which will feature a level editor, larger multi-screen levels, and just more levels overall.

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