Sunday, September 8, 2013

PC Spotlight #8: Mirrormoon EP

Title: Mirrormoon EP
Developer: Santa Ragione
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $8.99 till September 11th
Mirrormoon EP is not about story or complex gameplay or moral choices or brain-twisting puzzles. It's about discovery. From the moment you select New Game, you are immersed in an abstract universe that begs to be explored.
The entire universe is open to you...and every other player. All of you share the same goal: spread out across the galaxy, explore new worlds, and, if you're the first to unlock a planet's secrets, to name the planet as you see fit. It's hard to talk about Mirrormoon's gameplay, for some aspects are best discovered on one's own, but the puzzle, while slightly repetitive, are not the focus. The highlight is exploring and in that aspect, Mirrormoon is a resounding success. The game is a visual masterpiece that, combined with the wonderful yet alien soundtrack, invokes a sense of awe every time you explore and witness a new abstract landscape. While I do wish the puzzles were a bit more involved and challenging, the mechanics are different, visually exciting, and add depth to the exploration.
If you enjoy games like Proteus, or enjoy exploration for the sake of exploring, or just want to play something unique and abstract, Mirrormoon EP is a game for you. You can purchase the game on Steam or from the developer's website.

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