Friday, September 6, 2013

Console Spotlight: One Finger Death Punch

Title: One Finger Death Punch
Developer: Silver Dollar Games
Platforms: XBIG, coming to PC later this year
Price: $1 on Xbox Marketplace
PC and IOS are where the bulk of the indies action is, but there are still notable games on XBIG, XBLA, and PSN (and even more to come thanks to Sony's aggressive indie strategy for PS4 and Vita). One such game is One Finger Death Punch, available now on XBIG and soon on PC.
Launch trailer here
The controls are simple: one button for left attacks, one button for right attacks. But that simple two-button scheme lays for the foundations for one of the most addictive games I've played in a while. OFDP is a game of skill and timing; button mashing will only leave open for damage. The animations, inspired by the well known Xiao Xiao stickman fight videos, are the highlight: incredibly smooth transitions between thousands of moves, all endlessly entertaining and just feel powerful. You feel like a martial arts badass as you survive waves of various enemies types across a 250 level campaign and a survival mode.
For $1, the game is an absolute steal. There is a huge amount of content, from different modes, different difficulties, skills to unlock, and weapons to use. One Finger Death Punch is not the deepest game, but who needs depth when a game is this fun and addicting?

You purchase One Finger Death Punch or try a free trial on the Xbox Marketplace here, download the extended PC demo here, or vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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